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How much effective is Cialis?

Cialis was developed especially for impotence treatment, therefore has a number of advantages allowing to call the drug as the best. Action of Cialis is provided in ordinary way, affecting only natural organism reactions without influencing on the brain and other bodies.  Therefore Cialis does not cause any side-effects. Improving an erection, Cialis affects only the penis. This drug works like Viagra, however the effect is achieved faster and lasts 2-3 times longer.

The main effect of Cialis begins right after a tablet intake. Getting into an organism, an active component of Cialis, Tadalafil, quickly restores normal functioning of a man’s sexual system. Action of Tadalafil leads to smooth penile muscles relaxation dilating cavernous tissues. The dilated arteries allow to increase the blood inflow to the penis and the erection starts to be observed. The increased blood inflow and narrowed veins for blood outflow maintain  erection for a long time and allow to have sexual intercourse.

But, it should be noted that Cialis isn't an aphrodisiac and that blood is arrived to the penis only during sexual stimulation. Cialis doesn't increase sexual desire, it just improves the quality of erection. Many men are mistaken and think that Cialis on the contrary will allow them to increase libido, but it is not like this. However, it is an advantage because the brain chemical elements are not affected, and side-effects are avoided. Natural Cialis action provides qualitative and reliable erection keeping for long.

Cialis efficacy is not only in safe action, but in long effect. Duration of Cialis action is 36 hours. It is the best result, therefore men choose this drug. Having 1 tablet only, you will forget about the problem for two days. It is a very good result, unbeaten so far.