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How does Viagra act?

Viagra is characterized by a strong action. When the drug was designed, Viagra action was considered to be unique. The drug was a real breakthrough in the pharmaceutical market. Viagra acts only as natural organism response and reaction. Viagra isn't an aphrodisiac and doesn't increase sexual desire. Viagra action is experienced only after sexual stimulation of a man. Thanks to it, Viagra is safe for use and doesn't affect organism function, but the natural process providing erection. That’s why Viagra does not cause side-effect.

Viagra action is based on natural increase in the blood inflow to genitals. An active component of Viagra Sildenafil is quickly and fully digested by an organism in the gastrointestinal tract and starts working. Due to Sildenafil penetration in an organism, cavernous penile tissues start dilation and increase arteries providing more blood to the penis. Cavernous tissues are filled with the blood, the penis is increased in girth and the erection is getting strong.

This erection under Viagra (Sildenafil) effect is characterized by good stability allowing to avoid any problems and disorders during Viagra use. The erection caused by drug action is long and strong. It should be noted that duration of Viagra action is about 4 hours. This period is sufficient for sexual intercourse.