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How correctly to take Viagra?

Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction. However, Viagra works not in all cases of erectile disorders. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes fail to experience Viagra action, and drug application in this case is not recommended.

So, before Viagra use, visit the doctor and consult on possibility of Viagra taking in your clinical case. The doctor will indicate a script, and will give indications in this prescription, including the most effective dose. You can buy Viagra under this prescription.

You should follow all instructions your doctor specified and then Viagra application will be successful and you will achieve the desired results.

Viagra pill is taken orally approximately 30-60 minutes before expected sexual intercourse. This period is enough for a pill to be digested, and the drugs starts working. The recommended average dose of drug is 50mg, however, in some indications a dosage can be changed by the doctor, depending on disease level and organism reaction. It can be 25mg or 100mg of Viagra.

Do not increase a dose yourself because an incorrect dose may lead to overdose. Taking a high dose, in the hope to achieve the best effect, you may experience side-effect only instead of great result. Use drug following indications and recommendations.